From the daily archives: "Tuesday, August 7, 2018"

by Jess (not pronouncing the ‘ica’ is non-negotiable) D

Third Stars
Mike Yetter from the Rainbows and ScottyK from the LBS

Scotty racing off to earn one of his three biscuits and Yetter basking in the warm glow of the Rainbows.

This week’s 3rd star is shared between non-original ScottyK and M Yetter-Lendo. Scott scored a hat trick against the Rehabs (cry about it, Hicks), but who gives a fuck and/or shit about that because Yetter aka Tia’s illegitimate younger brother scored 2 goals in the RAINBOWS 2ND VICTORY THIS SEASON AGAINST GUT ROT (#bowistpropaganda). Also Yetter bought the victory beers after because an un-named baby faced member of the Rainbows didn’t have their ID and would have definitely gotten carded, so he gets 3/4 of this star. [Continue Reading…]