From the daily archives: "Thursday, July 5, 2018"

Fresh Kills at Filthier
by Chairwoman Rachel

Speaking as someone who his the (dis) pleasure of playing these both of these teams twice a year: Yes, they are that a good. It’s infuriating, they run circles around you and then are super nice about it, so you can’t even be that mad. JJ will take the ball from you and apologize with his extreme Canadian accent “sore-ry, Rachel,” Soko might say “npocth,” but probably not. I think Sheena is the face in that relationship. Obviously you’ll see an amazing display of talent, but also a shining example of how games should be played in BTSH. These teams exemplify the golden rule. They show us that apparently, you can be good at hockey without being a dick. Except Tim K, man that guy is a dick. Good think they keep him between the pipes, amirite? Yoshi can’t save you now, Tim.

OK, now onto the actual game prediction: Last time these two teams faced off, Filthier edged out the Kills by one lil’ goal. However, it looks like the Kills are getting their championship vibe back with Tom’s triumphant return, Soko actually scoring goals, and the trust-worthy ever present sub Jeff. On the other hand, Filthy does not look to be bemoaning the loss of Suvin or Dennis. Seems their departure just clearing the way for Sunny to shine. Maybe this will be the week for Danielle to pot one against Patrick “Girls don’t score on me” B?

These two teams have both won championships in the last few years, and although the Kills have lost a few this season, I think they’ll start picking it up as we’ve passed the half-way point of the season. I think they will split the series, 2-1 Fresh Kills. [Continue Reading…]