From the daily archives: "Monday, July 2, 2018"

Grab your sticks, get some sunblock protection and spread on your cool-whip bikinis.  It’s time to go to Ocean City!

by Ball Hogg

Are you here for the bride or the groom? Hockey or Beach? Why not both!

On the weekend of August 25th and 26th, Hockey & Beach will be joined in the most unholy of a debaucherous and dramatic matrimony as BTSH takes on Ocean City, Maryland. O-C-M-D!!!!

Whether Gut Rot is on the beach or dominating Two Girls One Cup – they keep it turned up.

The weekend is filled with hockey during the day of Saturday and Sunday with ample beach time for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Or even earlier in the week if you’re a little freaky and want to blow 40 hours of hard earned vacation time. (Spoiler alert: it’s worth it.)

For two days of hockey on one of the best sport courts in the country, the tournament comes in at a cool $65 unless you want to be the last line of defense, at a discounted rate of $30 for tendies. Hockey Beach Registrants need-only to find a way down and a lodging of their own, we take care of the rest, hosting Friday and Saturday night functions for all players. Visit the accommodations page on our site linked below for further information on promotional rates the tournament organizers have secured.

Regardless if you’re a Ball Hogg or a Team Player, sign up as a Free Agent or on a Short selection of Ringers before registration closes – spots are going fast!

Visit to find your wedding invitation enclosed and RSVP before it’s too late! [Continue Reading…]