From the daily archives: "Friday, June 8, 2018"

by Arya Stark

Come one come all for the 2018 BTSH All-Star Game, this Sunday at 6:30 PM.  Stay and hang out after the games and cheer on/heckle your leaguemates.  Eat some six foot sandwiches and drink some pepsis, iced teas or whatever you need to get your spirits up and your inhibitions down (only one type of coke is acceptable though…we have permits to maintain here).

Rosters were announced earlier this week but for those who are either social-media challenged or smart enough to avoid the soul-draining ennui that comes with checking Facebook every 10 minutes, here they are again: [Continue Reading…]

Rehabs at Gouging Anklebiters
by Beau Ted, Rehabs Beat Reporter

Breaking News: Rehabs President said on Monday that the team has the power to pardon itself, raising the prospect that they might take extraordinary action to immunize themselves from the TSP investigation, even as Ramirez asserts that they have “done nothing wrong.”

On the other side of the court, Diana and Creamy are back from parental leave, Amy and Phil are expected to test out some new improv sketches on the court, and Worky is riding high from promoting Hockey Beach with this year’s sweet new tees. These squads are neck and neck in the standings, so it will be a tight one.

Prediction: Cherie and Michelle can’t shake off their jetlag from Amsterdam quite quickly enough, and Habs fall victim to the foot chompers in this nail biter. Coco scores the game winner, 3-2 in OT.

If we have anything to learn from this: don’t miss Ocean City! [Continue Reading…]