From the daily archives: "Wednesday, June 6, 2018"

by Dan

Dearest Friends,

Once again, you have a fantastic opportunity to see history made right in your backyard! If you haven’t heard, Bob “The White Haired Wizard” Baffert’s horse Justify won the Preakness this past weekend – in other words – Belmont Stakes is a Triple Crown race (last winner American Pharoah in 2015). The third and final leg of the Triple Crown takes place on June 9th!!!

You can’t lose if you bet on every single horse!

While all those details might not be too relevant to you, they should be! Belmont Park caps attendance at ~100k and there’s a good possibility it will sell out for this historic event. Therefore, I highly recommend purchasing your tickets relatively soon, details can be found below: [Continue Reading…]

by Cat B

Third Rainbow
Alex F of LBS

Arya came up to me to personally nominate Jenn’s left breast (again) but that coveted star goes to Frey himself – it was a tough matchup Sunday between two highly competitive teams, Cobra Kai and LBS.

Damn gurl.

LBS came from behind to tie the game in the second half, due in no small part to some impressive weaving from the aforementioned man wearing PJ pants, sending a pass to Tommy for the tying goal.

Ya’ll can argue as much as you want about shootouts – Do they even count! They suck! Garbage way to win! In my day we didn’t have iPhone video replay! Blah blah blah! – and admittedly I hate participating in them but damn are they some high drama to watch.

LBS and Cobra Kai each got a piece into the net before Alex’s turn, who sunk it in neatly to bring CK’s 2018 win streak to an end. [Continue Reading…]