From the daily archives: "Tuesday, June 5, 2018"

by Richiehero

Each week we celebrate 3 players who are better than all of us, and give them stars. This results in a league wide inferiority complex since it sucks not being better than anyone.

However the Mystery Miserable Misogynist is here to change all that…and give 3 Not Stars, to three people we are clearly better than! Since this has been the, “Year of the Woman” let’s keep that trend going by bashing three lovely, lovable ladies.

Not Third Star
Sarah H from Mathematics

I’ve never held office in BTSH, but if I did, I’d print out 150 game sheets from my job at the SCPD, and make sure the stop watches were easy to find. During the Rainbows 12 p.m. (12:30 thanks Dave for being half an hour late) game vs. the Riots, there was no game sheet or stop watches. Luckily two men stepped up and heroically reffed the game without the much needed watch and paperwork. Thank you Cro and Sultan. Maybe it’s time to #BringSultanBack! [Continue Reading…]