From the daily archives: "Monday, May 14, 2018"

by Sam N

The BTSH Media is bringing you the first 2018 installment of Know Your Neighbor, featuring Jess from the Dark Rainbows.  “What is Know Your Neighbor,” the majority of the new Sky Fighters team asks.  Well, it’s where The Media highlights a player or duo in BTSH who are exceptionally fit for the BTSH spirit.  “What is The Media,” the new Sky Fighters team clamors on.  Well, dear Elly…  “Wait, wait, who is Elly?”  The Media responds, “oh dear lord Elly…

Jess from the Dark Rainbows

Hometown:  Fairfield, Connecticut

College:  Lafayette College. Fun fact: I played D1 field hockey there. [Continue Reading…]