From the daily archives: "Thursday, April 5, 2018"

Dark Rainbows at Corlears Hookers

The courageous Dark Rainbows’ redemption tour trudges on into the land of the deplorable Hookers.  Armed with their keen wit, sharp elbows, kazoos and eye-bleeding bright jerseys the Candy Corn machine fears no Cro.  After their first taste of BTSH the new blood K-Chang with a C (we’re only guessing because a certain someone doesn’t answer emails), dog loving Jessie D and Josh Wags are thirsty for more.

Sean returned in Week 1 for the Rainbows. Will Aaron make an appearance on Sunday?

After last week’s (errr… two weeks ago) forgettable opening day the Hookers are out for a little redemption of their own.  They looked a little discombobulated in their 6-1 shellacking and Sarah has promised a more salty performance.  Hmmm…. We shall see.

Prediction: Hopefully the third time (Week 3) will be a charm for Tia and her crew, because Tiffany gets busy and Week 2 goes to the Purple People Eaters, 5-1. [Continue Reading…]