Keep on checking them stats pages!

As Mr Becker pointed out, the Katz division was 3-2 against the Soko division on Sunday. HoLEE GuacamoLEE! Upset central.

However, Fourth Division Beat Down Day was in full swing, as all Michaliga division teams fell to their CMB opponents on Sunday.

On to the games that were..


Rainbows 1 @ Hookers 8

Rainbows: Sean R. (1)

Goalie Loss: Jess D (0-1)

Hookers: Cro x2 (3), Danilo x2 (2), Tiff H (1), Sarah (1), Lee (1), CJ (2)

Goalie Win: Dustin O (1-0)

Game Notes: Hookers played with an eligible goalie this week. Good work team! Also, we have like, a whole bag of “NEW” goalie gear behind the old nets in our little fenced in outdoor storage area. Thank you to Cherie for coordinating that and Sam for bringing that from Feasterville. Be sure to put it to use! Great gear.


Pucks 3 @ Math 5

Pucks: Paul P x 2 (2), Susie L (1)

Goalie Loss: Scott H (0-2)

Math: Amy x2 (2), John M x2 (2), Eli (1)

Goalie Win: Eitan (via Free Agents)

Game Notes: The board was asking for more stats, so we’ll gladly report Pucks grabbed 12 Rollingrock for $11.99 to forget about all the missed chances in this game. Not that we’d bow to any corporate sponsor, like an old league legend… And I hope Susie got the game ball, the WTP vet scored her first career BTSH goal! Congrats. Keep that stick on the ice…** “black top”. (or burgundy top if you’re on the West court).


Riots 1 @ Anklebiters 7

Riots: Christina (1)

Goalie Loss: Dave GDR (0-1-1)

Anklebiters: Joe P x2 (3), Ben (6), Jared P x2 (3), Chris B (1), Caroline (1)

Goalie Win: Tim Brwn (1-0)

Game Notes: Chris did not give any goals to Probert today. How Selfish!


Sky Fighters 10 @ Gut Rot 1

Sky Fighters: James McQ x3 (3), Mia (1), Joe x3 (3), Katie S x2 (2), Matt R (1)

Goalie Win: James S (1-1)

Gut Rot: Ramone (1)

Goalie Loss: Ed P (1-1)

Game Notes: Not sure if it was James or Adam McQuaid who patrolled the black top for Sky Fighters on Sunday. Ramone’s goal was with a definitive high stick on the follow through…not that we’d ever want an outdated rule to come into play and limit anyone’s playing time though! Good non-call, stripes.


Demons 4 @ Fresh Kills 6

Demons: Brad P (1), Miles S (1), Zach F x2 (2)

Goalie Loss: Zach L-L (0-2)

Fresh Kills: Nick x2 (2), Gabe x3 (3), Ariel (1)

Goalie Win: Barch Pile (1-0)

Game Notes: Zach F was noted as Zach “Fine [af]” on the game sheet, but Gabe was clearly the finer babe on this Sunday knotting his first hat trick of 2018. Ariel’s goal was an empty netter, so this was a one goal game late in the contest! There was also a penalty and someone forgot to sit off…knew the clean games sheets wouldn’t last long for the away squad.

Overhead at Tompkins post game (maybe slightly paraphrased, just slightly);

Popack: guys, really strong start, but we got tired in the second half and stopped back checking

Rubens: okay, so what bar are we going to?

Way to keep your team focused on the real prize, Rubens!


Cobra Kai 3 @ Rehabs 2

Cobra Kai: Tom L x2 (2), Liam (1)

Goalie Win: Campbell (2-0)

Rehabs: Alex WM (2), Joey Bats (2)

Goalie Loss: Showtime (1-1)

Game Notes: Goalies take note, Tom has been working on his fundy’s this off season, or at least, stayed in mid-season form as he continues to only scores top corn’s. Keep your heads high after an inevitable snipe, but maybe, your gloves held even higher?

And I hope Campbell is doing alright, he looked like this baseball after the @JoeyBats19 marker to tie the game late in the first half (what do you mean a Toronto Blue Jay reference makes no sense for a “low-rec” new york street hockey league?). Way to stand up for your tendy and pick up the 2 points, Cobra Kai; Liam’s winner was pure filth.

To ensure you don’t go down swinging on the next GWG, go with the Funky Monkey Booster Juice next time (Banana and Chocolate Milk)!


Filthier 2 @ Gremlins 1

Filthier: Sunny x2 (3)

Goalie Win: Tim K (2-0)

Gremlins: Cody C (1)

Goalie Loss: Jamie B (0-1-1)

Game Notes: This was definitely not Tim K’s shining moment on the afternoon (see below).


Butchers 1 @ Poutine 4

Butchers: Tarzan (1)

Goalie Loss: Tim Brk (0-2)

Poutine: Jon C x2 (2), Brian S (1), Mike M (2)

Goalie Win: RJ (1-0)

Game Notes: Poutine is off to an impressive start in their new Katz division home and filling into the lofty expectations that were from a season ago quite well! Extra curds, please!


Fuzz 4 @ Mega 2

Fuzz: Miles x3 (5), Ryann N-V (2)

Goalie Win: Coach (2-0)

Mega: Julie (2), Alok (1)

Goalie Loss: Mike T (1-1)

Game Notes: Teytelbaum is 27 back of last year’s goal total, which paced the league by 50% of his next closest marksman. “Rumour” has it he’s title chasing this year and letting Miles, Jeff, and Ryann score all the goals. It’s working so far as Fuzz is off to a 2-0 start!


Karma 3 @ Pounds 2

Karma: Briana (1), Shawn (1), Corey (1)

Goalie Win: Tim K (Via – Poor captain’s decision? – Filthier)

Pounds: Jake D from the W x2 (2)

Goalie Loss: Mike Sizzler Z (1-1)

Game Notes: not sure what was more dissatisfying, the individual scoring not living up to the part 2 previews, or the fact that in the week the Sedins retired, this hockey commercial, arguably best all time, was snubbed for an Ovechkin commercial #twogirlsonecupfinalrun

*Re-reads game sheet*…Wait pounds actually lost? Lulz.


Week 2 in Tweets

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