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Coming at you after the week off and a long weekend for some, here are are the scoring highlights from Week 1. Not that you needed anything further to get you amped up for this Sunday’s Week 2 games…

Rehabs 3 @ Fresh Kills 1

Rehabs – Andy M, Alex, Joey Bats

Goalie Win – Showtime

Fresh Kills – Eugene

Goalie Loss – Peter Parker B via Free Agents

Game Notes: FK’s regulation and overtime undefeated streak comes to an ends at 22 games. Here’s to starting a new Barch pile.

Demons 1 @ Cobra Kai 3

Demons – Zach T

Goalie Loss – Zach L

Cobra Kai – Will Green, Paul x2

Goalie Win – Campbell

Game Notes: No 2 or 5 minute penalties, apparently! When Demons have less penalties on the score sheet than Zach’s in the lineup, it’s to the delight of our D-C. It’s also been 141~ days since Campbell won rookie of the year. Carrying on.


Poutine 2 @ Gremlins 1 (OT)

Poutine – Mike M, Patrick

Goalie Win – A.J.

Gremlins – Erich G

Goalie Loss – Jamie B

Game Notes: There are no assists, or plus-minus, officially tracked for this season.


Butchers 1 @ Filthier 3

Butchers – Jason R

Goalie Loss – Tim B

Filthier – Sunny, James, Greg

Goalie Win – Tim K


Pounds 4 @ Math 0

Pounds – Scotty K, Jake C, Avery, Luke

Goalie Win/Shutout – Mike Sizzler Z

Math –

Goalie Loss – David L

Game Notes: Jake must have scored off a deflected pass; the scouting report is that he does not shoot with that fancy blade cover on his stick.


Anklebiters 9 @ Sky Fighters 1

Anklebiters – Probert x5, Alex, x2, Joe, Jared

Goalie Win – Craig L

Sky Fighters – Jake

Goalie Loss – James S

Game Notes: Probert was noted as Chris on the game sheet, I smell a secret ringer out there in ‘biters land!


Fuzz 6 @ Hookers 3

Fuzz – Miles x2, Jeff x2, Ryan H, Ryan N-V

Goalie Win – Coach

Hookers – CJ, Cro, Clarke

Goalie Loss – Charlie via Free Agents

Game Notes: All Hookers goals were scored in garbage time; Cro fantasy owners beware.


Mega 3 @ Rainbows 1

Mega – Alex, Jeff, Julie

Goalie Win – Mike T

Rainbows – Cat B

Goalie Loss – Greenwald

Game Notes: First career BTSH goal for Cat. Congrats! And thanks for writing the stars of the week. Great submission!

WTP posted these stickers in several Village Voice dispensers after the game.


Karma 2 @ Pucks 0

Karma – Derrick, Sean

Goalie Win/Shutout – Steve F

Pucks –

Goalie Loss – Scott H


Gut Rot 4 @ Riots 3 (SO)

Gut Rot – Mike G, Scott, Akhil Nation

Goalie Win – Charlie via Free Agents

Shootout Winner – Mary (Round 7!!??) via Mega Touch!

Riots – Joe x2, Mia

Goalie Loss – Dave GDR

Game Notes: Gut Rot is first in the Michaliga division!!?? Just kidding, they are behind Mega on goal differential (and ROW….)


Week 1 in Tweets;

The below was definitely opening party assisted..

Frey W tournament necessary roll forward..

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