These will be the easiest box scores since week 1 because it’s that time of the year where we will re-set the scoring to count “playoff” goals rather than combine regular season and playoffs. Otherwise, Teets McGee would win by 10+ goals again like in past years if Fuzz! goes far(ther than last year).

On to the box scores…


Gut Rot 1 @ Demons 4

Gut Rot – Scott K (1)

Goalie Loss – Goalie Ed (0-1)

Demons – Bar Down Brad (1), Rubens (1), Zach T (1), Miles (1)

Goalie Win – Zach L (1-0)

Game Notes: Gut Rot didn’t have to worry about any phantom goals or any goals at all from Zach with an F but the rest of the Demons showed up and gave them too much to handle.

Quick Shifts: After an early marker by Gut Rot, the tide of the game was turning. With just a minute to go in the first half, Bar Down Brad (no Boatsexing, please) tied the game…Demons got a marker shortly thereafter in the second period, when after “W”ideo review (a short stoppage of play to conference), the referees determined that Demons had legally scored prior to a player entering the crease….from there that was all she wrote as the Demons piled on with two more goals to close out this play in game, 4-1.


‘Bows 4 @ Butchers 1

Rainbows – JessicaD (1), Brett H (1), Karl “Good’ay Mate” S (1), Dan (1)

Goalie Win – Greenwald (1-0)

Butchers – Dana (1)

Goalie Loss – Tim Brk (0-1)

Game Notes: Hearing all the cheering on the East court I wanted to stop refereeing the game on the West court. But from what I gather, some weird things happened and Rainbows got oot to an early lead. Some former field hockey players scored…and the Butchers couldn’t mount a comeback without Super Dave…the end.

Quick Shifts: Butchers lose their opening round playoff game to a division 4 team for the second time in two consecutive years….Yetter decided he didn’t have enough time to score (his btsh usual) two goals so he sat the second half off.


TSR 0 @ Mega 3

Goalie Loss – Dave GdR (0-1)

Mega – Michelle “kind of rhymes with Richard” Picard (1), Jeff B (1), Max T (1)

Goalie Shutout Win – Mike T (1-0; 1 shutout)

Game Notes: Everyone’s playoff bracket is yet to implode (what do you mean you picked Butchers?) as Shelly was able to skip oot early from her NWHL morning skate and make the Mega game on time.


Math 5 @ SKY 3

Math – Zach N (1), Jon M (1), Sam N x2 (2), James “Bobblehead” Bobby W (1)

Goalie Win – David L (1-0)

SKY – Christian H (1), Jake T (1), James McQ (1)

Goalie Loss – OG James (0-1)

Game Notes: Zach made sure that Sam reffed at 1pm so that he would be at their game on time (which is funny because they both literally showed up to the courts at 1:05pm….)

Quick Shifts: With Math and Demons locking up playoff round wins, both goalies with the “L” initial actually had “W’s”, a far cry from both going L-L-L-L….to start the year…..Sam takes an early lead in playoff scoring with the only multi goal game on the day with his brace which helped pace Math to a win.


This Playoff Round in Tweets

Keeping it light this week. See everyone Sunday.

I need the real answer. NOW.


Playoff Leaders


1) Sam of the Norrii Clan – Math (2)



1) Mike T – Mega (1 Win, 1 Shutout)


Once more goalies get more shutouts (or multiple wins) and other players score more than 1 goal, we will continue to add to the above list on a weekly basis!

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