By Arya Stark

The field is officially set for the 2018 Frey-W Tournament (super cheesy name credit to Walker, obviously).  By now everyone should have received an email with their team info on it but if you haven’t it’s either because you mistyped your email on the registration form or you recently said something anti-semetic and this is my own personal form of passive-aggressive vengeance.  Either way, games will begin at noon although I’m sure many of you will be arriving extra early to help set up.  Preliminary games will consist of two 16 minute halves while playoff games will be two 18 minute halves.  Make the most of those extra four minutes because it could make the difference between getting laid at the bar after or dying a virgin.

Games will begin PROMPTLY at their designated time, regardless of who is actually ready to play so please be there on time.  If anyone is interested in volunteering to ref any of the games please let us know ASAP.  The pay is once again zero but hey, you can drink heavily while doing it (for some of you, this may not be that different from your everyday jobs).

For this tournament there will be no gender requirement for players on court.  Somehow men signed up in disproportionately higher #s for this event than women indicating that the women are taking St Patrick’s Day way more seriously.  Men, we need to step up our drinking game, but in the meantime, there are only two women on several teams so easiest way is to just straight cycle through the lines.

Not required but I encourage all teams to begin their games with a boat race whereby each member of the starting five each has to chug a half or full beer before running onto the court.  For added spiciness, you can add that play is live as soon as someone gets out there so there’s added incentive to show your beverage no mercy and get out there for a quick 4 on 2.  Lots of possibilities.  Teams are encouraged to experiment and do some freaky shit out there.

Standings & Tiebreakers

Standings will be determined the same way as the Ocean City tournament:

  1. Two points are awarded to the team scoring the most goals in each half.
  2. One point is awarded to both teams if each score the same number of goals in a half.
  3. Two points are also awarded to the team winning the overall match.
  4. If the match ends in a tie, each team is awarded one point.
  5. An additional point will be awarded for shutting out an opponent in a match (not half).

So, there are six points to be awarded in each game, plus a potential bonus point in the event of a shutout.  If two or more teams are tied in the standings, the following tiebreakers will be used in the following order:

  1. Winner of the most head-to-head matches between teams tied in the standings
  2. Most match wins
  3. Highest goal differential
  4. Least goals against
  5. Rock paper scissors
  6. Fight to the death between the tallest guy on the home team and the fattest guy on the road team

Preliminary games should be over by about 3 and the whole thing should be wrapped up by 6:30 or so, barring outrageous overtimes.  Speaking of which – in the event of a tie game in prelims, there will be a three minute overtime played 3 on 3.  Any goals scored in this OT do not count for the second half score in terms of standings.  If there is no winner after the OT the game is registered as a draw.  Playoff ties are 4 on 4 OT until there’s a winner.

Definitely don’t forget the beer.

Teams listed below barring one or two late registrations.  Don’t forget to bring several shirts (white, black and your team color) and plenty of water/beer.

Team A
Zac Hoggstyle
Justin M
Steven T
Greg I
Joe L
Paul B
Nicole C
Tuckman (G)

Team B
Joey B
Pete D
Jeff L
Eitan (G)

Team C
Zack E
Steve F (G)

Team D
Chris P
David F
Kevin Z
D Rosen
Laura M
Scott H (G)

Team E
Pete G
Jake D
Barch (G)

Team F
Eric T
Jon C
Joseph F
Matt S
Cat B
Rachel L
Ramirez (G)

Team G
Sam M
Kyle C
Glenn K
Joe P
Caroline W
Lauren B
Caroline S
Dave GDR (G)

Team H
Jason B
Russ H
Taylor D
Gabe M
Josh W
Longwell (G)

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