It’s here!  The moment you BTSHers have been waiting for…

2018 BTSH Award Nominations!!!

The final nominations were not easy to agree on.  The Awards Committee reviewed minutes of video tape, analyzed all the wild stats Alex came up with, went through a couple bottles of Everclear and deliberated for several seconds before paring down the list to only five BTSHers for each category.  And without further ado here they are.

Derek and Eli (Ambiguously Straight Duo) Award for Best Duo

  • Morgen and Kellie
  • Brianna and Cory V
  • The Salt Boyzzz
  • Craig and Tim
  • MDF and AFD

Rookie of the Year – female

  • Shelly from Mega Touch
  • Carlin from Sky Fighters
  • Kelsey from LBS, Inc.
  • Jess D from Dark Rainbows
  • Margot from Tompkins Square Riots

Rookie of the Year – male

  • Yetter from Dark Rainbows
  • James Mac from Sky Fighters
  • Derek from Instant Karma
  • JJ M from Cobra Kai
  • Jason from Gouging Anklebiters
  • Zach 3.0 from Denim Demons

Phil D. Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence (Captain of The Year)

  • Tia, Cat, and Greenwald from Dark Rainbows
  • Caroline and Greg from Sky Fighters
  • Julie from Mega Touch
  • Alex F. from LBS, Inc.
  • Jo-Jo and Hilary’s boyfriend from Poutine Machine

Best Defense – female

  • Roxy from Fresh Kills
  • Allison from Gremlins
  • Sarah from Denim Demons
  • Alyssa from Fuzz
  • Aliza R from Sky Fighters

Best Defense – male

  • Kirkham from Mathematics
  • Kevin from Poutine Machine
  • Danilo from Hookers
  • Liam from Cobra Kai
  • Alex EM from Mega Touch

Craig ‘Kentucky Wristwatch’ Lacombe Award – for flamboyance and extraordinary feats in goaltending

  • Tuckman from Mega Touch
  • Tim K from Filthier
  • Campbell from Cobra Kai
  • RJ from Poutine Machine
  • Barch from Fresh Kills

Most Underrated – female

  • Liza from Gut Rot
  • Susie from WTP
  • Rachel L. from Cobra Kai
  • Becky from Filthier
  • Coco from Gouging Anklebiters

Most Underrated – male

  • Brennan L from WTP
  • Kevin from Riots
  • Zisser from LBS, Inc.
  • James from Mathematics 
  • Larry G from Gut Rot

Upset of the Year

  • Dark Rainbows defeating literally anyone, anyone at all – Gut Rot, Math, Butchers, and Mega Touch
  • Instant Karma defeating LBS
  • Fuzz defeating Gut Rot
  • Zach F from Demons over Greenwald from Rainbows for Hot Legs
  • Riots over CK in an epic 10 round shootout

C Dubs Award for the player with the sweetest disposition

  • Ella from Royale
  • Christina from Poutine Machine
  • Tarzan from Butchers
  • Nicole from Instant Karma
  • LJ from Cobra Kai

Rachel Greene Award for Snark, Style, and Finesse

  • Marcella from Gremlins
  • Sarah from Hookers
  • Michelle U from Rehabs
  • Brady from Butchers
  • Alexa from Fuzz

Cat B’s ‘Where’s The Beef?’ Award

  • JW versus millennials
  • Cat versus Hogg
  • Fresh Kills versus Paying their Bar Tab
  • Fuzz versus Cleaning Up
  • Hookers, Poutine, and Rubens versus Rain Fears
  • Bryan W. versus the Sun
  • Gill Ween versus the Stats Page

3 Stars of the Season (as voted on by you, the BTSH voting public!)

Vote: Here!

Congratulations to each of the nominees.  The winners will be announced LIVE during the end of season party at the Parkside Lounge this Sunday, October 14th.  The festivities kick-off around 6ish with plenty of drink specials to keep you believing everyone is beautiful.  We’ll see you there!

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