Hi BTSHers,

As some of you may know, Danielle has resigned from her role as BTSH League Manager effective July 9th. We are proposing to elect an Interim League Manager to see us through the rest of the 2017 season only.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone in the league is eligible to be nominated, except embers of the board (Jenn, Noah, Bob, Brian and Liza) who are not allowed to hold paid positions in the league. If anyone currently holds a paid position, they must be willing to give that over to someone else if they become League Manager. 

2017 Interim League Manager Role


– Oversee Sunday League Operations including:

– Liaison with Ref Manager and Scheduler to ensure adequate game coverage

– Facilitate timely opening & closure of the courts

– Decide on and communicate any weather decisions

– Manage weekly equipment inventory

– Ensuring ref sheets/box scored are collected and posted on the website


– $3000 stipend for 2nd half of the season (thru Championship game)

Key Dates/Information:

Wednesday, June 28th by 5 pm: Nominations & captain’s questions submitted to the board

– Nominations due, must include a brief paragraph of why you want the role.

– Captains submit to the Board any questions they want to pose to potential nominees.

– Candidates will be given the list of questions to answer, response is due by Friday, June 30th.

Friday, June 30th: Candidates response

– Candidates responses to the captains’ questions due to the Board.

Monday, July 3rd: Responses shared with captains

– The Board will send the full list of responses to the captains for review and given time to share responses with their teams.

Friday, July 7th: Final Vote

– Captains submit votes to the board.

Sunday, July 9th: Game Day

– The Interim League Manager is in place for smooth transition on Danielle’s last day.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to reach out to anyone on the Board via email or walk up to us at the courts on Sunday to chat about the role.

The BTSH Interim Board
Jenn Popack (Chairperson)
Noah Carter (Treasurer)
Liza Watts (Secretary)
Brian Sullivan
Bob Weyersberg

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