Thank you to everyone that came out Sunday evening to cheer on the award nominees and celebrate the end of the 2017 season.  Here are the winners:

The winners of the 2017 BTSH Awards!

BTSH Regular Season Scoring Champion (male)

Mike T., Sky Fighters

The game plan is simple: stop this guy.

BTSH Regular Season Scoring Champion (female)

Cherie S., Rehabs

Back-to-Back scoring champ!

Derek and Eli (Ambiguously Straight Duo) Award for Best Duo

Herr Sisters

League treasures.

Rookie of the Year (male)

Campbell from Cobra Kai

Rookie of the Year (female)

Carrie from Gouging Anklebiters

Bob W. Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence (Captain of The Year)

Phil from Gouging Anklebiters

The team that dranks together wins together.

Best Defense – male

Creamy from Butchers

Creamy and Dana.

Best Defense – female

Amber from Rehabs

Craig ‘Kentucky Wristwatch’ Lacombe Award – for flamboyance and extraordinary feats in goaltending

Dave from Mathematics

Sisters Before Misters Award for the team with the baddest females


Most Underrated (male)

Hugh from Instant Karma

From now on he will be rated.

Most Underrated (female)

Dana from Butchers

Upset of the Year

Gut Rot defeating Fuzz during the regular season

Gut Rot wins!

C Dubs Award for the player with the sweetest disposition

Ed P from Gut Rot

Rachel Greene Award for Snark, Style, and Finesse

Ali from LBS, Inc.

Snark, Style and Finesse.

Jamie Batu… Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Sneaker Hockey Photojournalism

Tia from Dark Rainbows

Clavvy Award for long form submission of an article

Alex F from LBS, Inc.

Sam N Award for Superior Ref Skillz

Adam from Denim Demons

Snubby Award 

Zac from What The Puck

3 Stars of the Season (as voted on by you, the BTSH voting public)

Third Star

Diana M from Gouging Anklebiters


Second Star

Brian from Corlears Hookers


First Star

Isaac from Instant Karma


Congratulations to each of the winners!

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