So I’m going rouge here. I don’t have Isaac’s permission and Danielle will undoubtedly strip me of my access to the website after this article. But I’m tired of all these gushing tributes to jerks like Sven, Elly, Derk, $h0wT!m3 and Geor…ok, Georgine’s not a jerk. But still, you get the point. So lets induct someone to the first BTSH Not a Hall of Famer!

And no one deserves this honour more, than my teammate Sean DeLaycee.

Before we get into the reasons why he’s NOT  a HOFer, lets give the reasons why he could be.

  • Only rookie ever to goaltend a team to a championship in his (redundancy alert) rookie year. (Unless another rookie did, which had to have happened the very first season of BTSH but still)
  • The daLasy watch in 2011 was fantastic

  • Was part of the best celebration in BTSH history.

But sadly, three is not enough for our friend Shawn.

Lets look at just a partial list of why he’s NOT a HOFer.

  • Came late in 2011 to the playoff game. Also demanded to start in 2016 and showed up late. (Yeah, I didn’t forget that)
  • Was a great presence at the bar his rookie year, but since then has done too much lawyering.
  • Embarrassed himself in the 2010 Johnson Olympics in the Great Legs category. It was the only year a girl won. He literally lost to a girl in a male dominated competition.
  • Much like Zach Norris, his on the court production has dropped considerably after his rookie year.
  • Sam Norris is a dick.
  • He’s only been to OC once, never has gone to Feasterville, but most of all…
  • In what was the funniest moment of the 2016 BTSH season, he was reffing but one team asked him to change his shirt. He did not have an extra shirt, so he had to wear his biggest nemesis shirt…Newman!

All that said, his career is far from over, so there’s still a chance. But with such a logjam at the male HOF spot, I’m afraid Shaun will fall into the Mike Mussina, Curt Schilling category. Good players, miserable human beings, and not quite deserving of BTSH’s finest honour.

But he sure is good at Space Invaders.


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