Ben Chadwick captain

2015 Captain of the Year……..Ben Chadwick!

2015 Award winners:

Best Duo

Johnston Sisters

Feminist of the Year:  

Mia Juhng – Poutine Machine

Masculinity of the Year:  

Derek Tagliarino – Mathematics

Rookie of the Year (Male):

Isaac Stewart – Instant Karma

The decline is steep for this man. From Know Your Neighbor Hero to a Not Star

Rookie of the Year (Female):  

Liz Boylan – LBS, inc.

Cheap move Boylan. Saving the scrimmage so you can win Female Rookie of the Year? Respect.


Upset of the Year:

‘Biters over Fresh Kills 

Best Laugh:

Jamie Batuwantudawe – Gremlins

Jamie - Beiber

Minkus Award—for flamboyance and extraordinary feats in goaltending:  


C Dubs Award:  

Eli Kazin (Mathematics)

Bob W. Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence (Captain Of The Year)

Ben Chadwick – Instant Karma

Most Improved: 

Ann Mathews – Filthier

Least Improved:  

Gabe Chenard-Poirier – Fresh Kills

Stacy Kehoe Award for Toughness and Grace:


3 Stars of the Season: (as voted on by you, the BTSH voting public)

3rd star: a tie! – Cherie Stewart/David Liang – Mathematics

2nd star: Kevin “His Name Is” Longwell – Dark Rainbows

1st star: Craig LaCombe – Gouging Anklebiters

Craig 1st star

congrats to all the winners!

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