By Dave GDR

So this was my fifth trip down to HockeyBeach (many thanks to the Thin Mints for taking me in and making me one of their own). As always, a special time with some of the best people on earth. That said, I continue to be delighted, shocked and entertained by the anecdotes and scenarios I either see or hear about. Never a dull moment folks.

1. I must have missed the memo indicating that it’s the ‘80s again as the appearance of Bolivian Marching Powder was both sudden and shocking. I was seriously waiting for Crockett and Tubbs to show up as some point.

2. Sweet Baby James has metrosexuality down cold based on his choice of flamboyant boxer shorts that became his uniform for the duration of the weekend.

3. The distance from Seacrets to Selbyville, DE is about seven miles and takes about two hours to walk. If you don’t believe me, just ask Fatou B and Justin M.

4. Another Justin fun fact is that in addition to being a ball hockey boss, he and his buddy Alec were quite the talents in the world of ultimate Frisbee back in the day.

5. During one of the Cecil Harambe games that they ultimately won, Brian Hicks was spotted hauling ass, back-checking and breaking up a potential OT-ending play. I was subsequently told that this was the ball hockey equivalent of Haley’s Comet.

6. Probie may be invincible on the court, but apparently it’s not the case when it comes to his liver’s ability to handle an endless stream of shots.

7. There is a salacious underbelly to BTSH’s dating scene that would provide more than enough editorial fodder for Penthouse Forum on a regular basis.

8. Ocean Downs Casino is truly the gambling equivalent of the People of Walmart.

9. Wa-Wa stops serving breakfast burritos after about 11 a.m. despite there still being a breakfast option available on their kiosk. Not such a mind-blowing fact, unless you’re that person jonesing for one and dreaming about it after a full night of drinking.

10. This was not so much learned as much as reinforced. Jennifer Po is the Queen of All House Mothers given the grandiosity of the house she secured this year and her ability to comfortably pack upwards of 20 folks of all backgrounds into this space. And we even had an elevator.

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