There are NO games on the following Sundays:
- May 8 (Mother’s Day)
- May 29 (Memorial Day)
- July 3 (Independence Day)
- July 31 (Beat the Heat!)
- August 28 (Ocean City)
- September 4 (Labor Day)

April 3, 2016Fresh Kills at Denim DemonsEast1:001-2
April 3, 2016Sky Fighters at LBS, Inc.West1:002-1 (OT-SO)
April 3, 2016Filthier at RehabsEast2:002-3 (OT-SO)
April 3, 2016Mathematics at Gouging AnklebitersWest2:002-5
April 3, 2016What The Puck at Instant KarmaEast3:000-1
April 3, 2016Fuzz at Corlears HookersWest3:001-4
April 3, 2016Gremlins at Poutine MachineEast4:303-1
April 3, 2016Tompkins Square Riots at Mega TouchWest4:302-1
April 3, 2016Gut Rot at Dark RainbowsEast5:301-5
April 3, 2016Cobra Kai at ButchersWest5:303-5
April 10, 2016Mega Touch at What The PuckEast1:004-3 (OT)
April 10, 2016Dark Rainbows at Poutine MachineWest1:001-2
April 10, 2016Butchers at Gut RotEast2:008-0
April 10, 2016Cobra Kai at GremlinsWest2:004-2
April 10, 2016Denim Demons at Tompkins Square RiotsEast3:001-0
April 10, 2016Gouging Anklebiters at Instant KarmaWest3:002-3
April 10, 2016Sky Fighters at MathematicsEast4:302-3
April 10, 2016Corlears Hookers at Fresh KillsWest4:302-10
April 10, 2016Rehabs at FuzzEast5:302-3
April 10, 2016LBS, Inc. at FilthierWest5:303-6
April 17, 2016Mathematics at Corlears HookersEast1:005-2

April 17, 2016Instant Karma at ButchersWest1:002-1
April 17, 2016Denim Demons at LBS, Inc.East2:001-3
April 17, 2016Poutine Machine at Sky FightersWest2:001-2
April 17, 2016Filthier at Mega TouchEast3:006-2
April 17, 2016Fresh Kills at Dark RainbowsWest3:005-0
April 17, 2016Fuzz at Cobra KaiEast4:304-2
April 17, 2016Tompkins Square Riots at Gut RotWest4:302-1
April 17, 2016Rehabs at Gouging AnklebitersEast5:301-2
April 17, 2016Gremlins at What The PuckWest5:302-4
April 24, 2016Gouging Anklebiters at Corlears HookersEast1:005-4
April 24, 2016Cobra Kai at What The PuckWest1:005-2
April 24, 2016Instant Karma at RehabsEast2:000-2
April 24, 2016Mega Touch at Tompkins Square RiotsWest2:003-2 (OT-SO)
April 24, 2016Poutine Machine at ButchersEast3:000-1
April 24, 2016Sky Fighters at FuzzWest3:001-0
April 24, 2016Dark Rainbows at FilthierEast4:303-0
April 24, 2016Fresh Kills at LBS, Inc.West4:300-3
April 24, 2016Gremlins at MathematicsEast5:305-2
April 24, 2016Gut Rot at Denim DemonsWest5:300-3
May 1, 2016Denim Demons at FuzzEast1:00PPD
May 1, 2016Filthier at Fresh KillsWest1:00PPD
May 1, 2016What The Puck at GremlinsEast2:00PPD
May 1, 2016Corlears Hookers at Dark RainbowsWest2:00PPD
May 1, 2016Sky Fighters at Gut RotEast3:00PPD
May 1, 2016LBS, Inc. at MathematicsWest3:00PPD
May 1, 2016Mega Touch at Instant KarmaEast4:30PPD
May 1, 2016Butchers at Cobra KaiWest4:30PPD
May 1, 2016Poutine Machine at Gouging AnklebitersEast5:30PPD
May 1, 2016Rehabs at Tompkins Square RiotsWest5:30PPD
May 15, 2016Cobra Kai at Corlears HookersEast1:001-4 
May 15, 2016Fuzz at Gut RotWest1:009-1
May 15, 2016Mathematics at Poutine MachineEast2:002-1 (OT)
May 15, 2016Dark Rainbows at Mega TouchWest2:002-3 (OT-SO)
May 15, 2016Butchers at FilthierEast3:004-3
May 15, 2016Denim Demons at What The PuckWest3:004-3
May 15, 2016LBS, Inc. at Sky FightersEast4:305-0
May 15, 2016Gouging Anklebiters at RehabsWest4:301-2
May 15, 2016Tompkins Square Riots at Fresh KillsEast5:301-7
May 15, 2016Instant Karma at GremlinsWest5:304-3
May 22, 2016Dark Rainbows at Cobra KaiEast1:002-3
May 22, 2016Sky Fighters at Denim DemonsWest1:004-5
May 22, 2016Instant Karma at Tompkins Square RiotsEast2:006-0
May 22, 2016Fuzz at Gouging AnklebitersWest2:004-3
May 22, 2016Gremlins at Fresh KillsEast3:003-5
May 22, 2016Mega Touch at LBS, Inc.West3:002-5
May 22, 2016Corlears Hookers at RehabsEast4:300-9
May 22, 2016Gut Rot at Poutine MachineWest4:300-4
May 22, 2016What The Puck at ButchersEast5:302-3 (OT)
May 22, 2016Mathematics at FilthierWest5:306-5
June 5, 2016Rehabs at What The PuckEast1:00
June 5, 2016Filthier at Gouging AnklebitersWest1:00
June 5, 2016Dark Rainbows at ButchersEast2:00
June 5, 2016Gut Rot at GremlinsWest2:00
June 5, 2016Mathematics at Denim DemonsEast3:00
June 5, 2016Tompkins Square Riots at Corlears HookersWest3:00
June 5, 2016Poutine Machine at Instant KarmaEast4:30
June 5, 2016Fuzz at LBS, Inc.West4:30
June 5, 2016Cobra Kai at Mega TouchEast5:30
June 5, 2016Fresh Kills at Sky FightersWest5:30
June 12, 2016Mega Touch at Gut RotEast1:00
June 12, 2016Poutine Machine at Tompkins Square RiotsWest1:00
June 12, 2016Denim Demons at Corlears HookersEast2:00
June 12, 2016Fresh Kills at FilthierWest2:00
June 12, 2016Cobra Kai at Sky FightersEast3:00
June 12, 2016What The Puck at Dark RainbowsWest3:00
June 12, 2016Butchers at FuzzEast4:30
June 12, 2016Rehabs at MathematicsWest4:30
June 12, 2016Gouging Anklebiters at LBS, Inc.East5:30
June 12, 2016Gremlins at Instant KarmaWest5:30
June 19, 2016Gut Rot at Tompkins Square RiotsEast1:00
June 19, 2016Instant Karma at Dark RainbowsWest1:00
June 19, 2016What The Puck at LBS, Inc.East2:00
June 19, 2016Rehabs at Sky FightersWest2:00
June 19, 2016Cobra Kai at Poutine MachineEast3:00
June 19, 2016Gouging Anklebiters at Mega TouchWest3:00
June 19, 2016Filthier at Denim DemonsEast4:30
June 19, 2016Corlears Hookers at GremlinsWest4:30
June 19, 2016Fuzz at Fresh KillsEast5:30
June 19, 2016Mathematics at ButchersWest5:30
June 26, 2016Fuzz at MathematicsEast1:00
June 26, 2016Fresh Kills at RehabsWest1:00
June 26, 2016Gremlins at ButchersEast2:00
June 26, 2016LBS, Inc. at Denim DemonsWest2:00
June 26, 2016Corlears Hookers at Gouging AnklebitersEast3:00
June 26, 2016Dark Rainbows at Tompkins Square RiotsWest3:00
June 26, 2016Gut Rot at Instant KarmaEast4:30
June 26, 2016What The Puck at Cobra KaiWest4:30
June 26, 2016Sky Fighters at FilthierEast5:30
June 26, 2016Mega Touch at Poutine MachineWest5:30
July 10, 2016Gouging Anklebiters at Sky FightersEast1:00
July 10, 2016Butchers at Instant KarmaWest1:00
July 10, 2016Poutine Machine at Mega TouchEast2:00
July 10, 2016Filthier at Cobra KaiWest2:00
July 10, 2016LBS, Inc. at GremlinsEast3:00
July 10, 2016Mathematics at FuzzWest3:00
July 10, 2016Denim Demons at Fresh KillsEast4:30
July 10, 2016Tompkins Square Riots at What The PuckWest4:30
July 10, 2016Dark Rainbows at Gut RotEast5:30
July 10, 2016Rehabs at Corlears HookersWest5:30
July 17, 2016LBS, Inc. at RehabsEast1:00
July 17, 2016Tompkins Square Riots at ButchersWest1:00
July 17, 2016Filthier at FuzzEast2:00
July 17, 2016Poutine Machine at What The PuckWest2:00
July 17, 2016Fresh Kills at Gouging AnklebitersEast3:00
July 17, 2016Dark Rainbows at GremlinsWest3:00
July 17, 2016Gut Rot at Mega TouchEast4:30
July 17, 2016Corlears Hookers at MathematicsWest4:30
July 17, 2016Instant Karma at Cobra KaiEast5:30
July 17, 2016Denim Demons at Sky FightersWest5:30
July 24, 2016Mathematics at Tompkins Square RiotsEast1:00
July 24, 2016Gremlins at Sky FightersWest1:00
July 24, 2016What The Puck at Fresh KillsEast2:00
July 24, 2016Rehabs at Gut RotWest2:00
July 24, 2016Butchers at LBS, Inc.East3:00
July 24, 2016Instant Karma at FilthierWest3:00
July 24, 2016Gouging Anklebiters at Dark RainbowsEast4:30
July 24, 2016Fuzz at Poutine MachineWest4:30
July 24, 2016Corlears Hookers at Mega TouchEast5:30
July 24, 2016Cobra Kai at Denim DemonsWest5:30
August 7, 2016Filthier at LBS, Inc.East1:00
August 7, 2016Mega Touch at GremlinsWest1:00
August 7, 2016Tompkins Square Riots at Cobra KaiEast2:00
August 7, 2016Gouging Anklebiters at MathematicsWest2:00
August 7, 2016Rehabs at Denim DemonsEast3:00
August 7, 2016Fresh Kills at ButchersWest3:00
August 7, 2016Sky Fighters at Instant KarmaEast4:30
August 7, 2016What The Puck at Gut RotWest4:30
August 7, 2016Corlears Hookers at FuzzEast5:30
August 7, 2016Poutine Machine at Dark RainbowsWest5:30
August 14, 2016Dark Rainbows at FuzzEast1:00
August 14, 2016Instant Karma at Denim DemonsWest1:00
August 14, 2016Fresh Kills at MathematicsEast2:00
August 14, 2016LBS, Inc. at Corlears HookersWest2:00
August 14, 2016Mega Touch at RehabsEast3:00
August 14, 2016Gut Rot at Cobra KaiWest3:00
August 14, 2016Butchers at GremlinsEast4:30
August 14, 2016What The Puck at Gouging AnklebitersWest4:30
August 14, 2016Tompkins Square Riots at Poutine MachineEast5:30
August 14, 2016Filthier at Sky FightersWest5:30
August 21, 2016Corlears Hookers at FilthierEast1:00
August 21, 2016LBS, Inc. at Poutine MachineWest1:00
August 21, 2016Sky Fighters at Fresh KillsEast2:00
August 21, 2016Cobra Kai at Instant KarmaWest2:00
August 21, 2016Gut Rot at MathematicsEast3:00
August 21, 2016Fuzz at RehabsWest3:00
August 21, 2016Gremlins at Tompkins Square RiotsEast4:30
August 21, 2016Mega Touch at Dark RainbowsWest4:30
August 21, 2016Butchers at What The PuckEast5:30
August 21, 2016Denim Demons at Gouging AnklebitersWest5:30
September 11, 2016Gremlins at Cobra KaiEast12:30
September 11, 2016Butchers at Mega TouchWest12:30
September 11, 2016Tompkins Square Riots at Dark RainbowsEast1:30
September 11, 2016Gouging Anklebiters at FuzzWest1:30
September 11, 2016Poutine Machine at Gut RotEast2:30
September 11, 2016Sky Fighters at Corlears HookersWest2:30
September 11, 2016Mathematics at RehabsEast4:00
September 11, 2016Denim Demons at FilthierWest4:00
September 11, 2016Instant Karma at What The PuckEast5:00
September 11, 2016LBS, Inc. at Fresh KillsWest5:00
September 18, 2016Rain Make Up Date  
September 25, 2016Playoffs – Opening Round  
October 2, 2016Playoffs – Round of 16  
October 9, 2016Playoffs – Quarterfinals  
October 16, 2016Playoffs – Semifinals  
October 23, 2016Playoffs – Championship Game