Instant Karma at Filthier by Richiepoothang

In this inter-conference matchup, Filthier takes on Instant Karma.

While Denis, Shaq and Tim K. spent last year drinking out of the PBR Cup, La Famiglia died, and turned into Instant Karma. There was no Karma for them however, as Filthier won their matchup last year, and then the championship.

But revenge is a dish best served cold and you get another chance this year. Look, lets be real here. Beating Cobra Kai last week (with the help of a crooked official who bet on the game and waved off two of their goals) felt nice. You probably high-fived, drank a beer and never have thought of that game again.

Amy Anklebiters

But look at this picture. It’s Amy from the Anklebiters scoring a shootout goal (which doesn’t count as a regulation or OT goal Justin). Look at the utter glee. That’s what sports is about people. So play hard, come back on D, cover the point and the streaking Filthier player without the ball. And make them earn all their scoring chances.

Sponsored by Jen Popack and those adorable Demons


Hey awesome BTSHers! Everyone had so much fun bringing back the old school traditions of BTSH this past week during the All Star Game (big props to the folks who made that happen!) why not keep the boozing with friends theme going??

You may not be able to swing at this Adam Rubens piñata at the bar, but feel free to #BlameRubens anyways.

You may not be able to swing at this Adam Rubens piñata at the bar, but feel free to #BlameRubens anyways.

Double Wide (E12th and Ave A) is hosting a Summer Fiesta party for the league this Sunday so that we can get all sweaty and sexy on the courts and then drunk enough to actually believe that we all still look sexy while sweaty at the bar.

Things that happen when you party like a rockstar…JR manages to fit her entire body in Paul’s pants. Even though Paul defected to Fuzz we’ll still let him show up to the party…

Things that happen when you party like a rockstar…JR manages to fit her entire body in Paul’s pants. Even though Paul defected to Fuzz we’ll still let him show up to the party…

Beer Pong, Flip Cup, and Battle Shots ( will all be happening so that you can continue to dominate your friends off the courts. And don’t worry Rich Glanzer, there will be a table left for you to challenge every player in the league to an arm wrestling match.

– $3 Tecates or $12 buckets of 5
– $12 Coors/Bud Light pitchers
– $5 Margs

– $6 ground beef or chicken tacos
– $6 loaded tots
– $6 wings

Start heading over after your game, since they’ll be welcoming us starting at 2:30 and throughout the day and night until you pass out…or realize there’s someone waiting for your drunk ass at home…

This guy. This guy is a reason to join this league and then stay forever and DRINK!

This guy. This guy is a reason to join this league and then stay forever and DRINK!

(I’m not on the media team, so I’m not sure why I should be making this reference, but hell….Poutine and Brian Sullivan are pretty awesome at Beer Pong, so you should definitely show up and challenge them!)

By Hornswoggle V to the R


2011 Team Photo

Sven Patrick Larsen, founder of Poutine Machine (and Sur Glace), defender

The first time I really got to know Sven was my first season (2007-08) at Lasker Rink in Central Park. This was still the Corlears era, and during the rest of the year, Sven skippered Tim “Scrappy” Gray and the Mighty Squirrels. Ushering in the new venue at Tompkins, the Squirrels eventually disbanded and Sven (Pat, as I call him) was looking for fellow Canadians with whom to fraternize and relive the old days tacking “eh” particles to sentences, and of road hockey in the Ontarian hinterlands. In the midst of the change, he was still playing at Lasker, and we kept in touch since then. He, his fellow Canadians, and our former commissioner Timothy Brown eventually convinced me of my transfer to Poutine at the end of the 2012 season, and even joining their ice squad at Lasker, Poutine Machine Sur Glace, in the winter.

Pat was a tenacious captain, serious to the game and playing hard every shift, but always considerate to his teammates and encouraging everyone to have fun out there, akin to a father figure—I mean, he was the oldest player on Poutine. Reluctant to play offense, he still played his style; but on defense, he would actively exhibit little to no mercy on oncoming opponents (of course, usually without overstepping BTSH regulation), and commit to communicating with teammates on and off the court. Although the amount of Canadians in Poutine has been drastically reduced to just Jo-Ann Provencher and Kevin Macdonald, the spirit of Canada’s finest junk food within this league will forever live on, certainly because of this guy.

Marcus “The Boot” Bonnee, winger

From teammate and defender, Whitney Macdonald:

He was the heart and soul of PM(SG). Great at closing the gap and creating breakaways.

Until I joined Poutine in 2013, I knew Marcus only through Thursday scrimmages at Moffo Rink (sidebar: if you haven’t but are interested in participating, join the Yahoo group hockeyscrimmage). He was—and sure still is—an affable individual who demonstrates brightness and positivity in his play, regardless of his opponent. If I had to characterize him in one word, it would probably be hustler. Not in the gambling, rapping, or the “picking up girls” senses, but in the genuine athletic sense. He’ll show a lot of energy on court and commit to the play when it’s needed, indicative of the type of player one hopes would score goals—if not only the important ones—to help the team win.


2015 Team Photo

Tracy Ng, defender

Assistant captain Kevin Macdonald, one of our senior players, writes:

Tracy was a Marcus-type player that I believe represented everything we want in a teammate. She was the quiet heart of our defense and never gave less than 100%. She blocked shots with her face, throat and every other body part she could. 

Whitney adds this:

[She’s] the template in what you want in a #1 defense(wo)man. Always backing her partner.

This is quite true. Whether it was at BTSH, or with Sur Glace at Lasker, Tracy was always able to make a statement about how she played, which is why team generally respected her even as one of the team’s shortest personnel. Off the court, Tracy was very approachable and close to the heart of BTSH, sometimes playing along with other BTSH players in the increasingly popular Ocean City tournaments. When she decided to move to the West Coast, I think Poutine’s collective heart slumped a little, but given her personality, we can’t help but wish her all the best way over there!

Jo-Ann “Rocket” Provencher, current captain and winger

Another word from Kevin, is that:

Jo has been a Poutiner since day one and, now as our captain, has put together a talented team that knows how to win AND have fun. Plus she’s French-Canadian, so Poutine literally runs in her veins.

Hadn’t it been for Jo, Poutine wouldn’t have their Une, deux, trois, tabarnak! cheer.

If there’s one thing about her that all of Poutine—and a sizable part of the BTSH social media scene—knows, it’s that she gets a lot of flak for her Franglais. I won’t delve into that. Also, give her a break; it’s not her first language! Though a certain Poutiner (hint below) did quip about her with the following texts:

Umm, she’s Canadian, she likes cats / We don’t understand what she is saying most of the time

However, in just over a season, I’ve had the opportunity to see her in a leadership position, and it’s clear she wholly invests in the team. When she misses a shot or a pass, she puts the burden on herself, reflects on the bench, and concentrates on doing well the next shift. With the knowledge that Poutine’s captain pays attention to the game while refining her own game, it gives me security that the team is in good hands.

She’s worked hard pre-season along with our active recruiter and vice-captain Brian “Brian Sullivan Alert” Sullivan to bolster our roster, and even organizes pre-season dinners so that old members and new can get to know each other. She’ll sacrifice a lot for the team and, for that, I’m very grateful.

2011 Tim Brown

2011 Tim Brown

Honorable mentions:

Salman Haq is one the franchise’s originals. He’s a soft-spoken gentleman, but he lets his gameplay do the talking: he feints one way, making defenders go the other; he’s calm and collected as a defender, and will be sorely missed.

Although Timothy “Timmay” Brown (who prides on pronouncing the name of Portuguese center half Pepe like peepee) moved to “greener pastures” in Lbs., Inc. after 2013, not much love has been lost; he took Poutine to the semifinals in 2012, and from there, he spread his wings… erm, pads, to the netminder you see today.

Before we get to the previews, check out the second podcast of the BTSH Doghouse. It’s on the Facebook page. If you’re not on the Facebook page, then you probably aren’t reading this anyways. But you can click here. Or ——>>>>>

Everyone (but Mike) is all smiles for the second BTSH Podcast!

Everyone (but Mike) is all smiles for the second BTSH Podcast!

This week could be blowout week, since all the games are outside their own conference. It will be interesting to see which 3rd and 4th division teams step up, and which get stomped. We answer that question, below.

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By Dana K.



Rich and Fuzz pulled off an amazing comeback to shock the defending champs.

Rich and the Fuzz pulled off an amazing comeback to shock the defending champs in OT.


Rich Glanzer, whose heart seems to be in the right place but whose stick is usually holding yours down in front of the net, scored his first goal this Sunday since dinosaurs roamed Tompkins. With mere seconds left in overtime against Filthy, Glanzer took a shot from the point that made a bunch of people wearing pink very, very sad.  The refs were confused, the fans on the sidelines were confused as well, asking each other, wait, who were we rooting for here?

That'a girl Amy.

That’a girl Amy!


C’mon, look at this picture and don’t smile – I freaking dare you. Amy Donahue scored the game winner for the Anklebiters while her adorable daughter Callie cheered her on in round 3,000 of the AB/Fresh Kills shoot out. Not only did she score the game winner, this was her first BTSH goal EVER!  Now wipe that tear from your eye, you’re reading this at work for christsake, pull yourself together.

Just one of the many challenges throughout All-Star Sunday by Sam Norris.

Liz vs. Dana in a race ‘n chug halftime challenge.  Just one of the many old-fashioned BTSH events throughout All-Star Sunday initiated by Sam Norris.


Ben Probert for bringing the All Star game back to its former glory – Sunday’s All-Star game reminded us all what BTSH is all about – heckling each other, chugging beers, running around like idiots and heckling each other. That was some good old-fashioned BTSH out there – special mention to anyone with a banana gun, Sam Norris and Isaac Stewart for reffing. Also special kudos for having a few minutes of all girls playing at the end, that was super fun.

Special mention star: OK, just because Mike Mincieli would kill me if I didn’t put this in here somewhere, I’ll do it in his “voice” “The SUN! because it’s an ACTUAL star and it affected ALL the games today! You have to give the Sun, which IS a star, a star.” Done, Mike, done.