Director of Officiating/Ref Scheduler – Rich Glanzer

Rich heads up the administrative side of the league’s officiating efforts, co-ordinating ref schedules and assigning refs for individual games. It’s a thankless job but Rich is used to putting his energy in to things that don’t really reward his efforts (he is a Mets fan, after all). In addition to his officiating duties, Rich serves as the Captain of the Happy Little Elves and is the league’s (self-proclaimed) Skee*T*Ball champion.

Georgine-Paulin-graphicDisciplinary Committee Head – Georgine Paulin

In addition to being the “Sweetheart of BTSH”, Georgine Paulin heads up the BTSH Disciplinary Committee. In this role, she reviews player infractions & ref writeups and co-ordinates the league response to inappropriate actions on the part of our players. When she’s not handing out player suspensions or warnings, Georgine classes up the court for the Butchers.

meyerCreative Director – Alex Eben Meyer

Alex is one of the most talented illustrators in the business and is responsible for the design of most BTSH assets including our merchandise, logo and website.. When he’s not designing cool stuff, Alex continues to be one of the longest serving players on the Mega Touch roster. He’s also a nifty web programmer who likes to shamelessly plug his work. Why not hire him yerself?.You can see his inspired doodling at

patrickWebsite Designer/Developer/Editor – Sven Patrick Larsen

A longtime BTSH veteran, Patrick is responsible for all things BTSH digital including most of the content on this site. “The ORG” works with a team of BTSH volunteers to provide season previews and weekly game previews, player profiles and embarrassing photos of BTSH players. In his two years as site editor he has yet to spell Karsten Pichon’s name right. Patrick also captains Poutine Machine and heads up Infinite Monkey Studios the firm that designed the BTSH website.

eliderekSchedules, Stats and Analysis -Eli Kazin and Derek Tagliarino

Eli and Derek (aka the ambiguously straight duo) do their best to serve as BTSH’s answer to Ron Maclean and Don Cherry. The titanic tandem schedule all league games, do their best to track stats and try to sneak in wrestling references on the BTSH website whenever they can. Derek also captains the Mathematics and Eli is a founding member of that team as well.

BTSH Captains

The league is administrated and run by the execs, but the 20 team captains help make all the big decisions and keep the league viable by keeping the teams organized. They are the glue that holds the league together and keeps it strong.

League Founder-SB

(hockey deceased)

SB founded the league in ’00, and played most every sunday until she left this hockey earth. Her spirit is very much alive though, not just on the courts or at the amphitheater near Corlears Hook Park where she used to run shows with the East River Music Project (who are very much alive and need your donations, hup to), but in the hearts of children, the songs of birds, and the expletives of the frustrated. Ask her about: the good ol days, what the afterlife is like, eternity. Notice hockey is not on that list. Such is death.